Erasmus+ KA229 Project

Last mobility to Medgyessy Ferenc Gimnázium, Muvészeti Szakgimnazium és Technikum in Debrecen of Hungary

 From 23 to 27 of May the country members of Greece, N. Macedonia, Turkey, Portugal and Romania were hosted by the Hungarian Erasmus team in Medgyessy Ferenc Gimnázium, Muvészeti Szakgimnazium és Technikum in Debrecen of Hungary. It was the last mobility for the Erasmus +KA229 project "Learning Cultures via Cinema" c. n. 2020-1-EL01-KA229-078853_5.

The main purpose of this trip was the improvement of digital competences and language skills through movie-making and the production of the final short movie which would highlight the similarities and the differences on European cultural elements. Students would tackle social issues and put emphasis on fundamental values. Thus, all the students had shooted at their countries and brought to Debrecen short videos for food, music and architecture from their places. They shared their opinions on common and different elements and they worked all together in order to edit and post product the one single movie which would unite the European counties under the guidance of a video specialist, Pál Puskás. The students enhanced practical skills related to film-making, developed creativity, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills and improved the level of English. The team members were warmly hosted by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. dr István Puskás, and the Headmaster, Mr. Józef Fekete, of the Medgyessy Ferenc Gimnázium, Muvészeti Szakgimnazium és Technikum. They were guided around the school and the city of Debrecen. They had also the opportunity to travel to Budapest, where they visited the Castle of Buda, the Parliament, the historical centre of Budapest and even enjoyed a guided cruise on the River Danube. Moreover, they visited the Unesco World Heritage Old Village of Hollokö and admired the unique architecture of the 67 houses and outbuildings. They also participated in handcrafted activities (cheese production, printing). We hope you will enjoy the video!


3rd mobility at Liceul Teoretic "Ion Heliade Radulescu" in Romania.

From 14 to 18 of March 2022 the Erasmus patrners from Greece, N.Macedonia, Hungary and Turkey visited the Liceul Teoretic "Ion Heliade Radulescu" at Targoviste in Romania, in order to participate in the 3rd Intenational Project Meeting of Erasmus+ Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of good practices strategic partnership for schools only. 

After a warm welcome by the headmaster Angelica - Ioana Tabirca, the students attended a presentation of the editing program which was used during the next workshops. Working in multicultural teams they edited the films they shooted in Portugal. They also visited Sinaia, Brasov and the Old Center of Bucharest, in order to make short documentary films, which were edited on the last day of the meeting. 

Moreover, in Bucharest they visited UNATC - "I.L. Caragiale" of the National University of Theater and Cinematography, where the students had the opportunity to learn more on the cinema process. 

Of course, teachers and students were welcomed by the Mayor of Targoviste and enjoyed a city guide at the old city, Stelea Monastery and Dealu Monastery, coming in touch with romanian history, culture and food. Finally, they gave an interview for the Televiziunea Columna. You can watch the video here.


Day 5th of Mobility to Portugal of Erasmus+ project "Learning Culture via Cinema".

Morning of the last day dedicated to sharing the vídeos recorded and to the preparation of the post-production activity that will take place in the Mobility to Romania, in March. There was still time to share students' impressions of the week on eTwinning.


Shooting and editing

Day 4 of Mobility to Portugal of Erasmus+ project "Learning Culture via Cinema".

A day dedicated to the shootings by the multinational teams, from the scripts written by them, and folllowed by editing. This activity was organized by teacher Ana Cristina Figueiredo and guided by the students of the Mulimedia Vocational Course and teacher Joaquim. Students also colaborated in the making of a poster with teacher Salomão Carvalho. Meanwhile, there was a coordinators' meeting to plan the next stages of the project. The day ended with the Certificate Cerimony, with the presence of the Deputy Headteacher, António Figueiredo.


3rd day of Mobility of Erasmus+ project "Learning Culture via Cinema" in Portugal


A day dedicated to Portuguese culture with visits to Barra beach to see the Atlantic Ocean, to Costa Nova with the colourful striped houses, to the city of Aveiro and then to the University of Coimbra. The day ended with a walk in the streets of the City of Students.


2nd day in Portugal (8/2/20)

 The team members had the opportunity to learn the basic notions about video workshop and to creat a script, working from the one already made by the script team, with Celtx software.

At the end we had a guided tour at Viseu.


2nd mobility in Portugal (7.2.20 - 11.2.20), 1st Day

1st day

After a warm welcome in Escolas Satao and the Town Hall of Satao, the teams from Portugal, Romania, Greece, N. Macedonia, Hungary and Turkey shared the videos they created at their homes and attended a presentation on the cinema adoption of Zaramago's book "Blindness". They also had the opportunity to meet and talk with a former student and young director, Carolina Costa, whose first short film will be shortly presented in several festivals. Finally, we enjoyed a guided visit to the school and the town.


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